Welcome to the Gateway Green Project where we are working to beautify Hopkinton! Please click here to visit our donation page.

The purpose of this project is to create a beautiful linear landscape at the “Gateway” point to our town. For many people who come to Hopkinton, this will be the first impression they have of our community. Currently we show commuters and visitor a desolate looking medium strip. This project creates a quality landscape that will make Hopkinton a better place to live and work.

Benefits to the Community

    The Gateway Green Project will provide health and well-being, economic and environmental benefits to the community.  Local businesses will benefit from a more aesthetic “green” entrance for their employees, customers and visitors to the area.  In addition, creating this landscape immediately off the highway will likely spur more high quality landscaping around properties located in the area.  Cash and in kind Donors will be recognized for their contributions with signage and press.  Weston Nurseries will project manage the installation and be responsible for establishing an annual maintenance plan so that the investment is properly taken care of in future years.


Stage 1: Fundraising – The Gateway Group will endeavor to work with local businesses, property owners, and residents to raise private funds of approximately $120,000 to beautify the West Main Street median strip along the route 495 interchange that will benefit the community in many ways.

Stage 2: Installation – Work will be done over a 12 month period spanning beginning in April 2016 or sooner depending on when funding is obtained.  Weston Nurseries will be a major in kind donor and manage the project installation.

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